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Hands-On Training                                                    $890.00 Per Person

Educate your staff with the knowledge necessary to provide preventative maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for the systems in your facilities. Instructor Jim Peters, from Longwood, Florida, has designed the three-day seminars of National Training Services to lower your maintenance costs by allowing your technicians to maintain your air conditioning and refrigeration systems, cross-train your technicians, and teach your technicians to learn by doing. Costly service agreements with contractors are negated when your technicians have the knowledge to maintain your HVAC systems. You will be able to prevent problems with your systems before they require outside contractor assistance and know better when you actually need outside assistance.

FREE EPA testing at the end of DAY 3!

Keep your company federally compliant with EPA certification. We offer EPA compliance testing as required by law that includes testing for Type One, Two, Three, or Universal. National Training Services offers certification testing for free with three-day training.

Who Should Attend?

Ensure your entire faculty knows the ins and outs of predictive maintenance. The training provided gives invaluable knowledge to your team, so they can better work together. Listed below are the recommended types of specialists for attending Jim's seminar:

Facility Maintenance Personnel | Service Technicians | Maintenance Supervisors | Building Managers | Facility Managers | Engineers | Sales

HVAC Training Agenda

The air conditioning and refrigeration HVAC seminar includes a vast coverage of different subjects, theories, and troubleshooting. All of the subjects are listed below.

Fundamentals of Refrigeration

Theory of Refrigeration | Laws of Thermodynamics | British Thermal Units (BTUs) | Ton of Refrigeration | Sensible Heat and Latent Heat | Specific Heat and Superheat | Pressure and Temperature Relationship

Refrigerants and Oils

Old Refrigerants | New Refrigerants | Refrigeration Oils | Handling and Storing Refrigerants