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This 2 Day Seminar Covers

  • Managing Gross Profit
  • Preparing & Presenting Service Agreements
  • Customer Relations
  • Service Manager’s Daily Tasks
  • Business Plans

    $590.00 per Person

Attend This Seminar and You will Learn:

Service Personnel job descriptions. This will enable you to train people for the job. Learn what a service manager does on a day-to-day basis. The tasks that are not written in a book or shown on an instructional video. To manage the service department so that it gives the owner the highest return on investment. To maintain better customer relations and “keep the customer for life”. To price, prepare and present attractive service agreements that will set you apart from your competition. To build an atmosphere in your company that encourages people to be long time employees and attract a professional type of employee to your company.
To utilize forms that keep track of day-to-day-events.

Service Management

Course Outline

Service Department
  • Benefits
  • Essentials
  • Function
  • Service Agreements

Service Department Job Descriptions

  • Service Manager
  • Service Technician
  • Dispatcher
  • Parts Runner
  • Service Clerk
  • Office Manager
Managing Your Gross Profit
  • What is gross Profit?
  • Burden
  • Vehicle Costs
  • Labor Distribution
  • Technician Productivity
  • Profitability
Customer Relations
  • Receiving Customer Calls
  • Dispatching Calls
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Example Forms

  • Incident Report
  • Equipment Survey
  • Start-up Check List
  • Site Visit Form
  • Tool request Form
  • Vehicle Inspection
Credit & Collection
  • Policy
  • Handling
  • Person Responsible
Service Manager’s Tasks
  • Tasking Agreements
  • Planning Head Count
  • Recruitment
  • Labor Hours
  • Reviewing Service Reports
  • Visiting Jobs
  • Purchase Orders
  • Parts Inventory

  • Coaching
  • Discipline
  • Interviewing
  • Incentives
  • Competency

Service Management Seminar

There is an enormous challenge facing the Mechanical and Electrical Contractor today.  The way business is done today is very different than it was fifteen years ago.  The role of the Service Manager is much more involved.  There is more emphasis on maintaining Gross Profit Margins of the Service Department.

The role of the Service Manager fifteen years ago was to “get the job done.”  He worked in the field along side of his technicians.  He got dirty and pulled his “on call” time.  He was more of a field supervisor.  The management and gross profits were left to the office, sales staff or principle.   Today, the Service Manager is a MANAGER.  He manages the staff of the service department and is responsible for the Gross Profit of the Service Department.  The Service Manger  position has evolved into a key management position in the Mechanical and Electrical.  The purpose of the Seminar is to educate and train Principles,General Managers, Service Managers and Lead Technicians  to operate a profitable Service Department.